We love all the fashion opportunities surrounding your wedding and the rehearsal dinner is one of our favorites! You get to work a fun look while surrounded by your nearest and dearest—without all the pressure of the wedding day.

We suggest going unexpected in a romper or jumpsuit! Lace is always a feminine way to go as well. Use some glam accessories like a metal belt or sparkly clutch to up the ante. Alternatively, unleash your softer side with a tulle skirt with a tucked in top. Finish off your look with some TC jewelry and some fabulous heels and you’re good to go! You’ll feel like the star of a Vogue photo shoot and you’ll look like one too!

rehearsal dinnerTC Tip: Send us your rehearsal dinner inspo! We will find you the perfect accessory to complete your look—one you can even reuse for a special dinner during your honeymoon.

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Few things are more divine than a garden wedding. We love the endless possibilities of lighthearted whimsy and soft-hued drama, all enriched with the sweet scent of flowers. Want the perfect garden affair? The most important thing is to enhance the natural beauty of the garden without competing with it! We love chandeliers suspended from trees and interplaying glam and rustic elements with farmhouse tables and upholstered chairs. We also suggest keeping your centerpieces natural and fluid with untamed blooms spilling out of tarnished vessels.

garden weddingWhen it comes to your fashion, we suggest wearing a gown in tulle, chiffon, or organza. These airy fabrics are perfect for outdoors and move beautifully in the breeze. Keep your accessories subtle but romantic with a gold hair vine tied around your forehead and delicate, rose gold earrings! Carry the theme through with your bridesmaids’ dresses and put your ladies in long, flowing dresses. Finally, tie everything together with deconstructed bouquets wrapped in ribbons or lace.

TC TIP: As with any outdoor wedding, be sure to check the weather and sunset times. You want to make sure your guests are comfortable and that the sun sets at the right point during your wedding.

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Need to outfit your groom for an upcoming wedding this Summer? We suggest pairing soft-colored ties and pocket squares with light gray or khaki tailored suits. It’s the perfect way to make your man look seasonally appropriate and insanely stylish. At TC, we love how our Pocket Square Clothing items balance manly reserve with fashionable flair. The Pocket Square Clothing floral collection boasts botanic prints in a range of perfect-for-Summer colors!

PSC 2Bring in the love of your life for an appointment! We are here to help you find the flawless springtime tie and pocket square or bowtie combination! Your honey will never look better. In fact, you’ll fall in love with him all over again.

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