We are so excited to announce our newest TC display. It’s an ongoing sample sale where you can score TC lovelies at 10% off—and you get to take your pieces home with you the same day! So come in and peruse our freshly discounted offerings. From headbands to earrings to bracelets, everything is specially priced just for you. You get all the designer beauty, craftsmanship, and quality at kind-to-your-wallet prices. Consider it a little wedding gift from us to you! Check out some of the beautiful pieces below that are on the sample table now!

sample sale 2

sample saleTC TIP: Sample sale pieces are sold from our inventory so if you see something you love, be sure to snag it right away!


We have added a new member to the TC team and we just love her! Read more about this lovely lady here:

Hi! My name is Rojin Vafaeian and I just joined the Styled by TC team. I found this beautiful boutique from word of mouth. Everyone in the wedding industry told me that Emily and Ali would be the best mentors for me and I knew this would be a perfect place for me to begin my wedding planning career. This is the first step for me and I am so excited to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge here.

I knew I wanted to be a wedding planner from the age of 10. I was a bridesmaid in my Uncle’s wedding and I spent countless hours connecting with their planner. After observing the necessary actions she took to make my uncle’s wedding perfect, I found myself trying to copy her actions. I began looking in a plethora of bridal magazines. I realized that I had found my passion and ever since I have dreamed of one day planning my own weddings.

The perfect wedding for me would be at the Rancho Las Lomas (this is where I fell in love with wedding planning). My ceremony would be at the El Teatro venue followed by dinner and cake in the Grand Salon. My favorite visual about weddings is the flowers and table décor therefor my wedding would have numerous white, light pink, and maroon flower centerpieces with glass table settings and white crisp linens.

I am ecstatic about beginning my life long dream here! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!



Sparkle—from diamonds to fairy dust to the moonlit ocean at night—it adds magic to everything! So why not add some to your wedding and draw your guests into a glittering land of chic enchantment for your special day?

sparkleSince it’s a huge trend right now, it’s easier than ever to imbue your wedding day elements with a touch of glitzy sparkle. We love bridal shoes with twinkling bottoms, glitter floating in vases, and bridesmaids dresses swathed in champagne or blush sequins. Add in some hand-scripted signage in sparkly ink and a wedding cake finished in a metallic hue. It will all frame the best sparkle of all—you, glowing with happiness on your beautiful day.

glitter 2TC TIP: In order to keep your sparkly wedding chic, use a variety of materials to get your sheen. For example, you can use sequins for your bridesmaids dresses but crystals on your cake. It will give variance and visual depth for your guests and give your affair a stunning sophistication.

Photo Credit: Sparkly Shoes, Bridal Dress, Bridesmaid Dresses, Veil, Bride


Looking to add some visual depth to your special day? Consider patterns or floral prints! We love how, with just a glance, it can communicate your wedding theme. Go preppy with stripes or soft and feminine with floral prints. Embrace zig-zag chevron print for modern sophistication or polka-dots for retro glam. Whatever your style, there is a print or pattern just waiting to add texture and breadth to your wedding day palette!

Because patterns are so recognizable, we suggest using them artfully. Incorporate them in elegant ways, like on your shoes or the ribbons of your bridesmaids’ bouquets. Tie it all together by incorporating your chosen pattern with your menswear fashions. Treat your guys to plaid pocket squares or checkered ties for the perfect, unifying touch.

patterns and printsTC Tip: Need pattern inspiration? Schedule an appointment to preview our men’s accessories collection and find the perfect patterned ties, bow-ties, and pocket squares for your wedding.

Photo Credit: Polka dot veil, Pocket Square Clothing photo by Desi Baytan, Plum Pretty Sugar


We are all about accessories at TC! As accessory specialists, we understand how difficult it can be to style them. After all, you want a look that is well-proportioned and keeps the focus on your beautiful face. Your accessories should seamlessly accent your look and it can be hard to execute that successfully. The key is balance. If you are rocking a blingy sash, resist the urge to add on blingy earrings and a necklace. Keep things simple with a delicate necklace or thin bracelet. Or, if you have a fantastic pair of chandelier earrings, consider wearing no necklace and just a thin beaded sash. This will give the perfect amount of blank space for each accessory to shine in relation to each other. Schedule an appointment with us! We will find you the perfect accessories for your wedding day.

Check out some of our favorite brides who accessorized perfectly with sashes, jewelry and headpieces!

how to accessorizeTC Tip: Order your accessories before your first fitting. That way, when you try on your gown, you can get the complete vision and make sure everything works together.

how to accessorize 2Photo credit left to right: Troy Grover Photographers, Chaz Cruz Photographer, Jessica Lee Thomas, Chard Photographer, Troy Grover Photographers, Fondly Forever Photography